Mold Testing Services | Ottawa, Ontario

Air Quality Sampling For Mold

In most situations, a detailed and assessment and inspection of your indoor air quality is done with several tests specific to your individual situation. The purpose of this is to address the concerns and suspicions that you have regarding Mold in your airspace. This is ALWAYS performed by a 3rd party industrial hygienist to prevent the possibility of a conflict of interest and it maintains transparency and integrity.


You Can Often Notice Companies The Offer Their Own “FREE AIR SAMPLING” This Should Be Viewed As a Bad Sign and Should Be Avoided At All Costs.


If it’s a Ministry Compliance, Environmental Assessment, or you really just want to know how your air quality is in your home, we certainly can help you out. We use methods that are scientifically proven measurements and not guesswork. After the initial consultation we will recommend the tests that are required to address your specific situation.

An Industrial Hygienist or IEP will visit your dwelling or business to do the complete assessments for the indoor air quality.

Once the results are back from the tests we will have all of the answers and know Everything Needed to create a scope of work. No problem can hide, we will find it even if it is hidden behind your walls. It’s simple, straightforward and doesn’t take very long.


What can IAQ (indoor air quality) detect?

An Ottawa Air Quality Sample testing service can include the following… Analysis and Report of fungi (mold), bacteria (legionella, e. coli, salmonella, listeria…etc.),  endotoxins and mycotoxins, pollen and allergens, radon and particulates in the air, swab, water, soil, asbestos, bulk, dust, wipe, food and consumer products.

Who needs Indoor Air Quality testing in Ottawa?

Indoor air quality testing is recommended if:


  • You have purchased a former marijuana grow operation home.
  • You suspect that you have hidden mold
  • Your home inspector has discovered mold and you need to check other areas of the home
  • You have to comply with a regulation or city ordinance


If you believe that you may have a mold issue in your home, or you detect a musty or earthy smell, or have Mould related issues that are impacting your health, please contact us ASAP Today to book an air sampling quality test and an inspection.